• Episode 007: Monica Singh; Surviver of an Acid Attack, Speaker for UN women, founder of Mahendra Singh Foundation

  • Monica Singh was just 19 years old when a rejected admirer threw acid over her body. It took dozens of corrective surgeries and the life savings of Monica’s late father but Monica battled back to hit her goal: to study at Parson’s and become a fashion designer.

    Not only that; but she is also involved with UN women and the founder of the Mahendra Singh Foundation – named after her late father which helps victims of physical and sexual abuse, acid attacks, rape and domestic violence in  rebuilding their confidence and strength on their journey to becoming survivors.  The foundation spreads awareness and mobilize community resources in providing counseling, training,medical-care, and career guidance to survivors in rebuilding their lives.

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    Topics discussed and organisations/events mentioned in this episode:

    • 4:08 Monica’s story; how Monica moved on after the acid attack, going from survivor to thriver,


    “So the question is coming; how do you want to pursue your life after that?

    Because that is what life is about. Otherwise you could sit and lay on a bed and think about what has happened and why it happened, and you keep reevaluating your life. But you have this opportunity, and how long can revaluation go.

    • 8:00 choosing brain over face
    • 9:40 Becoming a global youth champion and her new hope of becoming a good will ambassador.
    • 13:00 Face of resilience, UN Women
    • 16:00 New projects and the Mahendra Sing Foundation
    • 23:00 Stop selling Acid in the open market
    • 24:00 Repercussions for attackers, justice for survivors
    • 28:00 foolish men around the world, princesses and having a blessed life 😉
    • 30:00 Learning to move on after trauma, channelizing your experiences
    • 36:00 Monica’s love for movies

    More about Monica Singh

    Mahendra Singh Foundation twitter: https://twitter.com/MSF_joininghand
    Mahendra Singh Foundation website http://mahendrasinghfoundation.org/

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